Types of Activities

Fundamental and applied researches in the field of introductory enrichment of the gene pool of botanic gardens in Kazakhstan; creation of technologies for introduction into crops and reproduction of plants; development of research basics for balanced use of vegetation cover and plant resources; assessment of the current status of the species diversity of phyto- and mycobiota in Kazakhstan; conservation of vegetable gene pool.

Definition of perspective directions of scientific activity in the field of botany, introduction of plants and protection of flora.

Scientific researches in the framework of state, regional and sectoral scientific programs and projects, as well as projects that received financial support from state research and other funds, funds of international and foreign organizations based on the profile of the Institute's activities.

Participation in the design and development of special sections of state and other programs based on the profile of the Institute’s activities.

Participation in scientific and technical, technological and environmental expertise of draft laws, normative and legal acts, scientific projects based on the profile of the Institute’s activities.
Publishing magazines, monographs, collections of research papers, methodological developments, bulletins of scientific and technical information; publication of research works in Kazakh, Russian and other languages ​​in national and foreign publishing houses based on the profile of the Institute’s activities.

Promotion of the latest achievements of science, educational and nature conservation activities, organization of lectures based on the profile of the Institute’s activities; creation of experimental bases, in-patient hospitals, quarantine introduction plant nurseries.

Production and sale of seed material, medicinal herbs, flower products, seedlings.

Cooperation with higher educational institutions in relation to the issues of scientific researches and training of professionals (bachelor’s and master’s degrees students).

International research and scientific-technical cooperation and foreign economic activity in accordance with the procedures set out by laws.
Participation in the activities of specialized international organizations in the field of botany, ecology and introduction.

Participation in organization and holding of national and international conferences, symposia, congresses, workshops, classes, exhibitions, fairs, auctions based on the profile of the Institute’s activities.

Conservation of the specially protected natural territory entrusted to the Institute, including the implementation of a set of measures that can be conducted in a specially protected natural territory to eliminate adverse effects of water, protect plants from pests and diseases.